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3PL full-service : transport, storage, order preparation, picking and delivery. We take care of your supply-chain.

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You regularly receive important deliveries and you don’t have the space to store your merchandises? They may be send directly to our warehouse where they are stored to be delivered where and when you want. We can also prepare your orders for delivery.


We can come and collect your goods or you may deliver them directly to our warehouse.

Storage and Packing

We pack and store your goods in a 24/7 secured warehouse with restricted access.

Order Preparation

We can prepare your orders and update your inventory.

Delivery to the client

We can organize order delivery directly to your customer.

For all companies

Whether you are a small, medium or big company we can take up all kinds of request.

Startups & SMB

Startups & SMB

  • Develop your services online or offline. 
  • Outsource logistics and focus on your customers.


  • We act as a hub.
  • We help you grow in Belgium & Internationally.
  • We ship large volumes throughout all of Belgium.

Our guarantees


We offer insurances.


Our warehouse benefits from a 24h a day surveillance and is only accessible to our teams.

Premium Service

We put high value in offering you faultless service and quality support 12h a day.

Stable Rates

Your monthly invoice will not evolve during the length of your contract!


  • Accessoires et nourriture pour chiens

    Ridge & Back is an importer of dog food & accessories. They represent several brands in the Benelux. They use the Nestore 3PL services (third-party logistics) in order to manage the reception and storage of their merchandise and the preparation of their customer orders.

    ReceptionFrom a single box to a full truck, we regularly receive new deliveries. As soon as we receive the goods, we update their inventory, categorize them by reference and store them in boxes.
    InventoryWe keep their inventory up to date so that they have a reliable view on their stock. We regularly add new product references depending on the product deliveries.
    Order managementWe currently prepare between 5 and 20 order shipments a week. Their inventory is updated after every shipment.
    ShipmentThe orders are retrieved by the customer himself or by an external logistics provider.
  • Accessoires et nourriture pour chiens

    Tastaway is a wine importer who deliveries its products all over Belgium. They use the Nestore 3PL services (third-party logistics). Nestore manages the reception and storage of their merchandise and the shipment of their customer orders.

    ReceptionWe receive pallets of goods monthly. For every new delivery we update their inventory and prepare the merchandise for storage.
    InventoryWe keep their inventory up to date so that they can have a reliable view on their stock.
    ShipmentWe prepare all their orders and update their inventory after every shipment. There are up to 5 shipments per week.
  • Vendeur de ventilateurs

    Woowooowooo creates and sell ventilators all around the world. The Nestore 3PL service provides storage management and the preparation of their deliveries.

    ReceptionWe receive 1 truck with equipment every two months. After reception of the goods, their inventory is updated and the goods are prepared for storage.
    InventoryWe keep their inventory up-to-date, so they can have a reliable view on their stock.
    Order ManagementWith 5 to 20 shipments per week, delivery orders are prepared on a daily basis together with an update of their inventory after the goods left our storage.
    ShipmentThey have a partnership with a transport company that collects their planned deliveries on a daily basis.

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Do you need to store your goods? Do you have a special need? 

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