Startup tools: Best tools to develop your startup

Building your startup is not easy, especially when you don’t have all the knowledge required in some fields. This is why we decided to tell you the most adapted tools to develop your startup. 

Marketing – Communication


Pixlr is a free photo retouch tool very intuitive, you can modify your photos, change the effects, add elements, change the lightning, and a lot more options. This tool is really simple and fast to use. You can easily get your bearings and retouch your photos like a pro. 


MailChimp is a newsletter tool that allows you to create your marketing campaign. Thanks to this tool, you will be able to choose the design that you wish to use for your newsletter and also share it thanks to the mass emailing option that MailChimp offers.  



Canva is a graphic conception tool that offers a free version but also a paid one. With Canva, you can create presentations, posters, social media posts, infographics, flyers, and even more. The benefit of this tool is that even the free version gives you a lot of freedom to create your designs.


PowToon allows you to create your animated presentation as well as animated videos to introduce your services or to do any type of advertising videos. PowToon offers you a price range from 16 euros per month and allows you to have access to a lot of content. Thanks to this tool, you can let your creativity express itself!



Asana is a task and project manager that allows you to personalize your tasks, and to put them into categories thanks to labels. It also allows you to manage your group projects by assigning tasks to your employees and follow their progress. Asana enables the visualization of your tasks by categories, chronology, or on the calendar.



Trello is similar to Asana and allows you to create board tasks and separate them into different lists. You can follow the progression of each task and move them into another category whenever you are done with it. This tool will make your work easier and will enable you to have a schedule easy to understand and to make.


Airmail is an emailing tool for Apple products only and allows you to manage different email accounts in only one application. Thanks to this tool, you can create categories and organize your important emails. The only negative point is that this tool can only be used with Apple products


Slack is a very complete tool that offers a lot of services, you can organize your conversations, make video calls, share documents, assign tasks to your employees, follow their progression, for short you can do anything. Slack is a very good tool to use for your startup. 

For more productivity and organization tools, come check out our article about scheduling tools. 



ActiveCampaign is a customer relationship management tool but also an emailing marketing tool and automatization sales. You can personalize your campaign for every contact but you can also personally contact them thanks to the messaging option. This tool will make you gain time and help you develop your enterprise.  



Hubspot is a CRM software that will help you keep track of your employees’ quota. This tool allows you to see the results of the sales on live with the activity report and the product detail. Hubspot will enable your team to improve their sales results by gaining more time.


Salesforce is a CRM tool based on the cloud which will allow you to have a unified vision of every client and to offer them a personalized experience thanks to artificial intelligence. This tool guarantees the safety of your company’s data and can adapt itself to every type of company.  


Teamleader offers you a prospect follow up that will allow you to get new clients but also to win the loyalty of your actual clients. This tool will help you develop your database’s management but also to have a follow-up of your client from the beginning until the end.  

Inventory management 


Odoo offers a lot of different services to help you manage your business as their smart inventory system with double entry. This tool will allow you to follow your stock to have a better warehouse organization. Odoo also has other applications that you can synchronize with the inventory function to make your company much more effective. 



Thanks to Excel you will be able to convert all your data into information, this way you will be able to create your organization. You can transform your data into graphics to maximize your visualization. Excel offers a way to collaborate more efficiently. 


Hector is an inventory management software that enables you to save time and money, you just need to manually enter your actives and Hector takes care of the rest. Thanks to his actives follow-up, computer management, rent, and other functionalities, Hector can offer you an inventory free from any worries. 

E-commerce and Website


WordPress is the perfect solution if you want to create your website like a blog, a shop, e-commerce, etc… Thanks to this tool, you can create your website without the need for programming skills. WordPress doesn’t only help you to create your website but also make your brand more accessible to the public thanks to the SEO.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to analyze your clients’ behavior, to know what they are looking for and adapt your marketing and communication strategy. When using Google Analytics, you gain the privilege to use all the other Google products like Google Ads for example. 

Now that you know all the important tools to develop your startup, do not think that the preparation process is over. A startup do not only need computer tools to develop itself. For example, if you are an e-commerce, you will probably need a storage solution like the one that Nestore can offer you.

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