Sponsorship Special Offer!

Nestore gives you the chance to benefit 50% off of your next bill! How to get this promotion? It is really easy, you just have to talk about our services to a friend and become his sponsor. 

This promotion includes all of our services for individuals and professionals. 

How to get this special offer?

It is very easy! In all the forms present on the website, you can find a message area. You just have to mention the first and last name of your sponsor so that both of you can benefit from this special offer. 

Individuals’ offer

Our service for individuals consists of making our clients’ storage and move easier. No need to think about different storage solutions for your belongings while you move out, or renovate your house, or move into another country anymore. Forget about truck rentals to move your furniture and the hours spent playing Tetris to fit everything in a box. Nestore commits to reduce your stress by picking up your things, to store them in our safe warehouse and to bring them back to you whenever you need them.

Sponsorship Special Offer! 1

Professionals’ offer

We also have a service for professionals to make SME, startups, and bigger enterprises’ leaders’ life easier. We store merchandise and archives of our professionals offering them a full service, on-demand, and flexible. We pick up your material, store it in our safe warehouse and bring everything back whenever you need it. We also offer a full logistics service, we prepare, wrap and ship your orders.

Anyway, Nestore is a full and flexible service that adapts itself to your needs! Do not hesitate to talk about it around you and take advantage of our special sponsorship offer! 

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