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How to manage your storage and logistics when you are an SME?

When you are an SME there are different steps that you need to consider in order to make your company viable. Logistics and storage were reserved for big volumes. It is today a way for the SME to reduce the costs and to stand out from the competition.

Advantages of good logistics and storage management

Choosing an optimized storage solution and making sure to have the best service at the best price will allow you to do some savings in the long term. It will also help you to stand out from the competition.

However, be careful not to reduce quality in order to save money! It could be bad for your reputation and might make you lose the trust of your clients. For example high shipping delays or mistreated products will negatively impact your company. The goal of good logistics management is to avoid these kinds of mistakes.

How to choose your storage solution?

Comment gérer son stockage et sa logistique lorsqu’on est une PME ? 1

You can negotiate the prices with the different services providers: transportation, storage, wrapping, shipment… it’s all about your needs!

But before starting, you will have to define your needs in terms of logistics and storage, and prioritize them. It will help you to negotiate appropriately and get the best prices.

Ask yourself those questions :

  • Does your SME need a pulled stream or a pushed stream storage?
  • Do you need your orders to be prepared?
  • Does your merchandise need to be conditioned for the storage or does everything come on the pallet?
  • How do you manage the inventory of your merchandise? Do you need an inventory management solution?
  • How do you manage the merchandise shipment? Do you come to pick them up yourself or the logistical needs to ship them?  

Logistics, optimization and value

Comment gérer son stockage et sa logistique lorsqu’on est une PME ? 2

There are three levels of logistics implications in the creation process of the value

  1. A first level that only concerns a simple storage logistics with only the intervention of the warehousing materials: lifting gear, moving gear, and the handling of the merchandises. 
  2. The purchase of transports.
    The handling operations.
    The stocks and storage conditions.
    The preparations and conditioning of the orders.
    The picking.
    The tracking and off production control.
  3. The third and last level imply to fully review your strategy, which is usually reserved for big volumes. This stage consists of maximize all the aspects of your organization to optimize your logistics. Especially by putting your production place closer to your storage and to revise your shipping terms.

The externalization of the storage

As an SME implementing an internal storage and logistics solution when you are still dealing with the other aspects related to the launch of your company can be almost impossible. This is why young companies often use external solutions by asking professional companies to manage all their supply chain. It will allow you to focus on other aspects of your strategy without dropping this primordial asset.

Nestore offers a storage and logistics service dedicated to companies and finds with you the solutions that correspond to your needs! Do not hesitate to give us a call or to ask for a quote online, it will be our pleasure to establish the best deal for you.

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