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E-commerce transportation: 7 transportation company adapted for e-commerce

Starting an e-commerce activity requires a big organization. You need to think about the merchandise supplying, their storing, preparing the orders but also the shipping. Having an effective and optimized supply chain is important, especially if you want to perform well! We offer you in this article our focus on e-commerce transportation.

2020 is finally here! If there is one thing to remember from these last 20 years, it is the digital revolution! It completely changed our way of living, going to a world ultra-connected, where it is possible to do your shopping within a few seconds. E-commerce represents one of the consequences of this revolution and it took an important position in our society. 

If you are managing an e-commerce company or if you want to start one, you probably know that one of the key elements for success is your supply chain optimization. From receiving the merchandise to the shipping of the orders, everything needs to be optimized. Choosing a good transporter is important because it is the one that will allow the client to receive his package in the shortest delay!

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We decided to give you a list of our 7 favorite delivery transportation companies to give you an idea of where to look.



Who doesn’t know UPS, the n°1 of transportation in the world? This American actor knew how to stand out because of their fast and easy deliveries in the entire world. UPS offers services for professionals but also for individuals. 



Asendia is a Franco-Swiss transportation company specialized in document shipping and merchandise shipping lighter than 2 kg. They have services specially made for e-commerce.



The transportation service DPD is a french originated company which is placed in the top 3 of the best transportation service in Europe. DPD has two types of delivery: home delivery and delivery at a relay point which allow you to offer more choices to your clients. 

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Bpost is the only Belgian delivery company in our top 7, so if you want to stay local, it is the one for you! This transportation service offers services for professionals that are adapted to your needs, which makes them flexible on your requests



DHL is a German delivery transport that has an excellent reputation as it is the company with the shortest delivery delay, which allows the clients to receive their orders as soon as possible and so lead the company to gain their client’s loyalty. For e-commerces, there is the DHL Express that has a delay between 24 and 48 hours towards more than 100 countries. The DHL service adapts its prices depending on the needs and requirement of the e-commerces. 

Spring GDS


Spring GDS is a British delivery transportation company that furnishes deliveries all around the world. Spring GDS also has two delivery services: the small packages that are better for e-commerces are they are limited to 2 kg and the normal packages.



GLS is a logistic transportation service that is adapted to e-commerces which offers the home delivery but also the delivery at a relay point. GLS allows you but also your clients to follow the orders easily. 


Now that you know more about the e-commerce transportation solutions, it is easier to know which company to pick, but also to know which one is adapted to your needs. Taking care of an e-commerce can be challenging at the beginning, especially if you do not have a lot of employees. This is why it would be important to look for a full storage solution for professionals to help you in the task.

In order to help you in your decision for which transportation services to choose, we decided to give you an infographic with the pros and cons of all the transportation companies.

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