Company move : How to organize your company move

A company move needs a lot of organization, you need to think about everything! Your employees, clients, collaborators, paperwork, etc… It is indeed normal to feel overwhelmed at the beginning, but do not worry, after reading this article full of advice, you are going to become a real pro! 

You can also find at the end of this article an infographic containing a recap of the main steps.

Step 1

You do not organize a move at the last minute, it requires at least a few months of organization. The first thing to do once you finally found a new place for your offices is to check your advance notice and to reach out to your landlord for the moving out date. 

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Step 2

Once you have fixed the moving out date, we recommend you to call a moving company who works with the B2B to make sure they know how everything works. Having a moving company taking care of your move can relieve you from a big weight, but it will also help you in the organization. You will have the possibility to ask advice to the professionals who will be able to guide you in your organization’s procedure. 

Step 3

The next step is to let your employees, clients, and collaborators know. It is very important to give your employees and collaborators as much information as you can about the move to show transparency and to have good communication. For the clients, it is also very important to let them know about the move by email or letter, especially if you welcome clients in your locals. Also, do not forget to give your new address to your suppliers and all the other services that you use like phone companies, gas and electricity suppliers, etc…

About your wireless installation, plan to ask help from an IT enterprise to make sure that everything is settled once you arrive in the new offices. 

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Step 4

The paperwork is finally over, you can now focus on the organization of all your things and boxes! To see clearer, we recommend you to make a list of all the things to move, to throw away, and to store in a storage solution. While you are sorting all your stuff, it is also really important to think about what to do with your archives. It exists two different archives storage solution, internal and external. If you chose the external solution, go and check our website, we offer storage and destruction services of archives for professionals.

Step 5

When you start getting closer to the moving date, we recommend you to organize a meeting with your project directors to assign roles to everyone. Assign people to take care of the boxes, wrapping, unloading, shipping, labels, assembly, and disassembly of the furniture. Assigning all these tasks will allow you to stay organized and to know who takes care of what to avoid overstepping on each other during the move.  

Step 6

If you have ever moved, you know how long it takes to pack your boxes, we would all love to avoid that step but unfortunately, it is one of the most important. To help you with this task, we created an infographic to guide you through the steps.

Before unplugging all your computers, take a picture of the plugging system to be capable of reinstall everything correctly once the move made. Once you have unplugged everything, put all the cables nicely in the same box. 

Packing boxes

Step 7

A few weeks before the D-day go and ask for some information to your county to book a parking spot for the moving truck in order not to disturb the traffic and stay in the rules. 

You are now ready for the D-day, after spending months organizing your move, if you have followed all these little tips, everything should roll out smoothly. 

If you want to receive more information about our storage and moving service for professionals, come and visit our website.

To help you with your company move and respect all the important steps, we decided to do an infographic with all the important steps.


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