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CSR Strategy: Advice to implement a CSR strategy

CSR Strategy: Advice to implement a CSR strategy 1

Every company needs to consider its social and environmental responsibility. We offer you to discover some pieces of advice which may help you implement a sustainable and efficient CSR strategy.

First, the best thing to do would be to name one or a two people who will be responsible for the CSR strategy. Indeed, as the responsibility comes from both sides, it is always more efficient to define an executive staff. Thereby this person or this group of people will follow the project to deduce the progress made and the points to improve.


Before starting the construction of the responsible approach, it is inevitable to start with the analysis. This one will allow you to deduce the existing strengths and weaknesses of the organization. Highlighting them will help you to improve them if needed.

Do not hesitate to investigate and to do surveys in intern. Question your collaborators to have their feedback and learn what their expectations and needs are.

Also, analyze the competition and the environment of your sector. 


Having a positive impact on the environment is a key stake for the CSR. The first step is to evaluate your energetic consumption by measuring your water, electricity, gas, Co2 emissions, and waste production-consumption. In brief, everything that can have an impact on our beautiful planet. Once this is done, implement solutions to improve these points.

Designate a responsible for each resource.

Implement installations that limit your energetic use, for example, ecological LEDs, good isolation, recent developments, and standards.

It is also required to implement a waste management plan by arranging your structures and train your collaborators to limit their waste production. For the process of these, get closer to a qualified organism who also sermon these responsible values


The different collaborators are the key to succeed in a CSR process. To ensure that you have the bases of responsible management, you will first need to make sure that the fundamental rights and the working rights are respected, that the basic health and hygiene rules are applied and that your stakeholders work in a healthy and motivated environment.

First, provide your employees with a workplace conducive to fulfillment, it goes by simple and obvious details like the lightning, the air quality, optimized spaces for their working task but also for every single employee when it is possible.

The remuneration is also an important tool to motivate the employees so that they can feel esteemed at their true value. As every collaborator is a spokesperson of your lasting process, train them. Make them go to conferences and programs to discover all the aspects of responsible behavior and their necessity. 


Within your teams, favor the respect of each other, so that everyone can feel in a healthy relationship. Be careful to respect the equality between men and women in the salaries, in the shared responsibilities but also in your interaction’s way.

Favor the diversity in each team because every profile brings a different opinion and so more resources and added value.

Ban the discrimination and to make sure that these expectations are applied, give your managers CSR objectives.

Labels and norms

According to the consumers, the labels and norms implemented by a company are safe values, they allow you to refer to skillful and comforting entities. As seen previously, it exists a big number of norms that control the different aspects of CSR. So, try to see depending on your sector and your tools, what are the norms and labels that you can implement and be certified. It will reinforce your credibility towards the public but also the pride of your stakeholders to contribute to this success.

Join a committee

A lot of company or consumer committees exist and allow the gathering of different groups around actions and collective process for the CSR.

We can find a lot in France like for example the committee 21 who gathers different companies to help them start their transformation towards a system including the CSR. 

To be transparent

Implement reports that testify your process.

A CSR report has to mention all the information about your social responsibility. The social, environmental, managerial, and ethics stakes. It presents the different approaches and politics implemented but especially its results.

For some companies, a CSR report is legally mandatory. At this title, its conception and its content are described by the law.

The report is usually established every end of the year to take stock on the last cycle. Implementing a charter and a report finalize its engagement. Transmit a report is the validation of your engagement.

Never going back and so be capable of always showing more motivation.

Durable communication

–         Use supports whose ecological impact is lower.

Every report initiative needs to be thought to limit the ecological impact. It is necessary to reduce its energy and resources consumption, especially toxic (ink, solvent), and waste production. To exist, the publicity asks to exploit a lot of resources, it is your task to innovate to create a publicity campaign that could make a difference.   

–         Communicate on your values

To instore in the spirit of your customers that you are a respectful company, it is important to communicate on your values and your offer by including a CSR aspect.

Do not try to invent values or to do engaged speeches unfounded. Communicate on facts and actions that you truly implemented. It will avoid appearing blurred in the consumer’s mind and to be credible.

Your communication can also be felt on your places of sales for the pop-up store, ephemeral installations that can get the attention or event that can sensitize your clients to your values.

All these pieces of advice can help establish a good CSR strategy plan and will guide you through a more responsible process. Go at your rhythm! 

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